Honeywell, Papertech launch system for flat-sheet industries

Oct. 16, 2019
Fuses background in flat-sheet quality with know-how in web monitoring.

Honeywell announced its collaboration with Papertech to develop and market TotalVision, a connected, camera-based detection system for the flat-sheet industries that enables customers to identify and resolve defects on the production line, improving quality and efficiency, according to the partners.

The fully integrated, total-quality control solution is designed for flat sheet and film processes in which surface detection and production-break-monitoring capabilities are critical for competitive success. This new solution is designed for paper, pulp, tissue, board, extruded film, calendaring, lithium-ion battery, copper and aluminum-foil producers.

Combining Honeywell’s ExperionMX technology with market-leading Papertech’s TotalVision defect detection and event-capturing capabilities, the solution provides a single-window operating environment for all aspects of process and quality control. Honeywell claims that customers benefit from faster root-cause determination of runnability and quality problems, thereby saving significant time in lost or downgraded production.

When integrated with connected offerings such as Honeywell QCS 4.0, system data and analytics can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any device, according to the partners.

“Honeywell represents an ideal collaborator for Papertech as our industry-leading WebInspector WIS and our WebVision web monitoring system (WMS) single platform TotalVision camera system seamlessly integrate with Honeywell’s quality control systems for a range of industries,” said Kari Hilden, CEO of Papertech Inc. “We look forward to working with the global Honeywell team and their customers.”

Honeywell will continue to support existing camera system users with parts and services, while offering a migration path to the new solution. Given the collaborative nature of the agreement, customers can choose to take a single-party, single-window approach or engage with Honeywell and Papertech separately.

“As the world moves from plastic to biomaterial-based packaging, and from hydrocarbon-based transportation to electric vehicles, flat-sheet producers are under increased pressure to ensure output consistently meets a variety of performance and safety requirements,” said Michael Kennelly, global business leader for sheet, film and foil industries, Honeywell Process Solutions. “By bringing together Honeywell’s core strengths of measurement, control, connected applications and services in flat-sheet production with Papertech’s leadership in web monitoring and inspection systems, we uniquely provide customers with that capability along with industry-beating lifecycle costs.”