Product News: GE Digital’s Proficy Operations Hub 1.5

Feb. 5, 2020
Promises continuous improvement and centralized data-visualization.

GE Digital unveiled Proficy Operations Hub 1.5 to provide users with a centralized environment that enables greater operational efficiency and collaboration within industrial organizations. Proficy Operations Hub 1.5 allows users to monitor industrial applications under one dashboard, aggregating data and processes for simplified plant operations, according to GE Digital, which notes that its solution also supports rapid application development with powerful, code-free development tools and rich displays for faster operational response.

With Proficy Operations Hub 1.5 from GE Digital, users can make better decisions based on real-time and historical plant-wide application data collected from tools across an organization’s portfolio of data historians and manufacturing execution systems (MES), independent of location, according to its maker. By centralizing applications under one interface, users can monitor operations, review data and make critical adjustments in real time.

“It is mandatory today for companies to gain a strong foundation for insights into their operations and productivity, a critical step in their journey to digital transformation,” said to Craig Resnick, VP, ARC Advisory Group. “Proficy Operations Hub is a tool designed for that specific purpose, offering companies a centralized information, analysis and control portal that provides its users with the real-time visibility and transparency required across multiple domains to make the most optimized business decisions possible based on a single version of the truth, which has a direct, positive effect on top and bottom lines and achieving KPI goals.” 

With Proficy Operations Hub, world-class industrials like Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority in Charlottesville, Virginia and GE Healthcare’s factory in Hino, Japan can gain a foundation for insights into operations and productivity, a critical step in the journey to digital transformation. Rivanna is a respected environmental and industry leader in the region and uses advanced technology and processes to achieve high standards of performance. GE Healthcare’s Hino facility was just recognized as one of 18 new factories in the 2020 World Economic Forum’s Global Lighthouse Network of advanced manufacturers for its use of technology to transform into digital lean manufacturing and achieve the next level of operational performance.

“Proficy Operations Hub 1.5 gives organizations the ability to drive value from their data, whether they are on the shop floor, in the field or boarding a flight. As GE Digital continues to invest in cutting-edge solutions, our customers can now continuously improve the performance of their operations with easily deployed analytics and tools,” said Dan Lohmeyer, GE Digital SVP, strategy. “Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data is invaluable to frontline workers, and it is critical that organizations provide easy access to this information to give them a bird’s eye view into everything happening on-site.”

Among the features of Proficy Operations Hub 1.5 are an out-of-the-box Trend Analysis application to improve root-cause detection and collaborative analysis by providing ad hoc trending and KPI dashboards from Proficy Historian data. Proficy Operations Hub 1.5 also includes data analysis in model context with features such as query by model and flat tags, favorites, annotations, multiple slider support and statistics, according to GE Digital.

Leading GE Digital applications, Proficy Plant Applications 8.0 and Proficy Historian 8.0 are integrated into Proficy Operations Hub 1.5. Customers have the ability to build their own screens using the widgets from Plant Applications and Historian and connect them with other data sources.

Proficy Operations Hub 1.5 is now generally available from GE Digital and its network of approved partners. More information can be found here.