Product News: Armstrong / Everactive's steam-trap monitoring

Feb. 24, 2020
"Steam—the catalyst of the 1st Industrial Revolution."

Armstrong International announced that it will work with Everactive to offer a more efficient and cost-effective approach to steam-trap management, combining Everactive’s low-power wireless technology with Armstrong’s trap-management web-platform.

As Everactive developed its Steam Trap Monitoring (STM) solution using a batteryless platform, it turned to Armstrong to validate its approach, offering Armstrong an opportunity to feed its SAGE platform with more robust and granular data, and promises to deliver additional insights and value to the companies’ shared customers.

As Armstrong and Everactive continue their collaboration—which will further combine the latter’s data-collection techniques with the former’s deep thermal analytics expertise—the two companies will work to integrate their existing offerings as well as jointly develop new offerings for the steam/condensate market.

“What better place to start than steam—the catalyst of the First Industrial Revolution,” said Everactive CEO Bob Nunn.