Product News: GE Digital’s CIMPLICITY 11 & Tracker 11

March 3, 2020
Users can gain enhanced visualization and mobile-platform functionality.

GE Digital unveiled enhancements to its CIMPLICITY and Tracker software to enable operators to make smarter, faster decisions and better manage operations across plants. CIMPLICITY 11, part of GE Digital’s Proficy HMI/SCADA suite, decreases operator response time and errors, keeping critical control systems up and running, according to its maker. Tracker 11, part of GE Digital’s Proficy Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) offering, increases throughput, manages production routing and tracking, and improves inventory and product order fulfillment.

CIMPLICITY 11—Faster configuration and deployment
New Rapid Application Development (RAD) capabilities reduce build time with mimic-building tools, libraries, and auto-discovery and creation of the SCADA model + database for OPC UA sources, according to GE Digital. With CIMPLICITY 11, users can employ object-oriented design for easy repeatability and faster time-to-value through modeled context, as well as classes and objects for building a structured database quickly, features important in every industrial setting. Modeling capabilities in CIMPLICITY allow users to create templated applications for repeatable assets, which can be leveraged in both the existing clients as well as HTML5 Web clients, per GE Digital.

“Companies are looking for reduced scripting and increased performance from their manufacturing solutions,” said Dan Lohmeyer, GE Digital senior vice president and manufacturing general manager. “The combination of precise monitoring and control with Rapid Application Development results in lower total cost of ownership and faster response to operational issues. This helps reduce waste, improve quality, increase uptime, and allow for faster time-to-market.”

Tracker 11—Simplifying complex production in high-volume, high-value manufacturing
Tracker 11 tracks the real-time location of jobs on the production floor and performs routing logic on the movement of jobs throughout the facility. This capability enables manufacturers to manage the manufacturing, routing and delivery of multiple product components into complex product assemblies, according to GE Digital. In addition, Tracker 11 minimizes warranty and recall exposure by tracking supplier parts and providing a genealogy for the finished product.

“In addition to enhanced visualization, adherence to open standards, and scalable mobile platform functionality, today’s HMI/SCADA software users require tools that enable rapid application deployment and deployment including auto-discover capabilities,” said to Craig Resnick, vice president, ARC Advisory Group. “GE Digital’s new CIMPLICITY 11 solution meets these user requirements, along with the ability to leverage IIoT technology to provide a standards-based open ecosystem for interoperability. In addition, the new Tracker 11 supports production tracking, routing and order management.”