Product News: Everactive batteryless Machine Health Monitoring

May 13, 2020
Promises cost-effective, 24/7 insight for all rotating equipment.

Everactive today launched its Machine Health Monitoring (MHM) solution, designed to deliver real-time, maintenance-free insights into the health of rotating equipment, such as motors, pumps, fans, and compressors.

Everactive’s wireless sensor network operates without batteries, instead using the company’s proprietary Eversensors, which are powered exclusively from low levels of “harvested energy”—in this case, a warm machine surface or dim indoor light. Without requiring any upfront capital expenditure or ongoing battery maintenance, Everactive provides a data-rich continuous monitoring service at an annual rate.

By transmitting vibration, temperature, and magnetic field data to the cloud continuously, Everactive’s MHM solution detects machine faults earlier than competing offerings. Utilizing batteryless sensors that themselves never require any maintenance, MHM allows plant personnel to maintenance resources only when and where they are required, according to the company. Such a cost-effective approach lets operators monitor all machines, regardless of size, helping to optimize overall plant efficiency. 

“Our Machine Health Monitoring solution alerts plant operators to critical machine issues in real-time and across all machines, resulting in increased uptime, improved equipment efficiency, and reduced energy usage,” said Bob Nunn, CEO of Everactive. “Without the maintenance and waste that comes with batteries, plants can implement predictive maintenance at scale, delivering the type of pervasive remote monitoring that has become all the more vital in the wake of COVID-19.” 

“Everactive’s batteryless energy-harvesting sensor, coupled with their proprietary low-power, long-range, high-bandwidth communication, and their advanced analytics are highly complementary to ABB’s vision of the future of Industrial IoT,” says Franziska Bossart, group vice president at ABB Technology Ventures. “Using that technology platform to remotely monitor rotating equipment is extremely compelling and widely applicable. It offers customers a granular, up-to-the-minute look at their equipment—without the added layer of battery management—that could very well feed the deeper motor analytics developed by ABB over several decades.”

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