Product News: Seeq expands support for Microsoft Cloud Services

July 21, 2020
The goal of better serving the digital-transformation needs of process-manufacturing customers.

Seeq Corporation has announced expanded support for Microsoft Cloud services.

Seeq has been available as a SaaS application in the Azure Marketplace since 2018, with support for many Azure cloud services including Synapse, Azure Data Lake, and Azure Notebooks for machine learning integration, in addition to on-premise support for Windows Server, Active Directory, and SQL Server. Seeq is now adding connectivity to Azure Data Explorer, the latest release of Time Series Insights, and Power Automate, Microsoft’s low code/no code service for defining custom workflows, enabling Seeq users to automate processes based on their insights and events. 

Seeq’s set of applications for analyzing and sharing insights on process-manufacturing data include Workbench for advanced analytics, Organizer for publishing reports and dashboards, and Data Lab for accessing Python libraries. Seeq applications empower engineers and subject-matter experts to rapidly investigate, collaborate, and distribute insights to improve operations and business outcomes, according to their maker.

“We’re expanding our support for the Microsoft Cloud to better serve the digital transformation needs of our process-manufacturing customers,” says Megan Buntain, director of cloud partnerships at Seeq. “Seeq’s success is a credit to our team’s investments in integration with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and other Microsoft cloud offerings.”

“Seeq’s focus on driving advanced analytics innovation in process manufacturing organizations makes it an ideal addition to the Azure ecosystem,” adds Julia White, corporate vice president, Microsoft Azure. “As Microsoft enables digital transformation initiatives in process manufacturing and IIoT customers, we are excited for the insights Seeq will deliver.”

All of the browser-based Seeq applications—Organizer, Workbench, and Data Lab—connect to a shared Seeq server to enable collaboration, provide access to connected data sources, and enable administrative control. For example, according to Seeq, graphics created in Data Lab may be viewed in Organizer Topics, data modeled in Workbench may be accessed by Data Lab users, and Data Lab algorithm results are available for use in the other Seeq applications. 

"Seeq continues to release compelling analytics solutions for customers in process manufacturing and Industry 4.0 engagements," says Janice Abel, principal analyst at ARC Advisory Group. "The need for the faster and better insights provided by Seeq is a consistent requirement for customers investing in IIoT and Smart Manufacturing."