Product News: SICK’s remote communication for gas-flow info

March 25, 2022
It operates either in a self-sufficient energy configuration or in failsafe network operation.

With a key partnership between SICK and Eagle Research Corporation (ERC), a new remote data-collection solution is available for the United States market using the FLOWSIC500 ultrasonic gas flow meter. This new device allows for remote access to meter integrity data and gas flow information, per SICK.


ERC is an independently owned, automation and telemetry solutions provider, focused on industrial and natural gas applications. This new partnership pairs the FLOWSIC500 with ERC’s 9040500USM cellular-monitoring device. The ERC 9040500USM seamlessly integrates with any SCADA system or third-party polling engine to access flow information and meter health data of SICK's FLOWSIC500 using standard LTE Cellular based communication protocols.


With this partnership, SICK promises the latest technology with a high degree of measurement accuracy. The FLOWSIC500 ultrasonic compact gas meter enables extremely accurate natural gas distribution measurement. Thanks to its lack of mechanical moving parts, the FLOWSIC500 is rugged, reliable, and maintenance-free, allowing for a significant reduction in operating costs. It is overload-proof, accurate and is monitored by an intelligent diagnostics system.


The FLOWSIC500 can be integrated into existing measuring stations. It operates either in a self-sufficient energy configuration or in failsafe network operation with battery back-up. It complies with all pertinent standards and directives. When used in custody transfer stations and measuring stations, the FLOWSIC500 provides the security of a continuous and blockage-free gas supply.


The implementation of a remote-monitoring device with the FLOWSIC allows users to remotely access data from the gas meter via cellular modem. This enables users to continuously maintain a high degree of measurement accuracy, monitor needs for maintenance, and continue to operate at a high level of efficiency, notes SICK.