Livestream replay: Boosting Legacy Equipment with Condition Monitoring

Nov. 16, 2023
Replay our livestream, brought to you by sponsor Advanced Technology Services, on boosting legacy plant equipment with condition monitoring.

Sean Lowery, who is the customer success manager at ATS, joined Smart Industry's Scott Achelpohl for an entertaining and enlightening chat, titled “Tech Tips for Future-Proofing Legacy Equipment With Condition Monitoring.”

As the name suggests, Lowery had plenty of pointers on how manufacturers can use sensors and software to be more predictive and less reactive. He brought an example to the table about an actual ATS client that was "extremely reactive" when trying to fix failed/failing "legacy" equipment. ATS installed sensors on the client's critical equipment, showing the customer how to be more proactive and predictive and much less reactive in a downtime situation, which can sap productivity and harm the bottom line.

This was a valuable discussion—and it's available for replay now. 


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