Webinar Preview: Smart brownfield assets and quick sustainability wins

April 22, 2022
"Brownfield assets present perhaps the most immediate opportunity to positively impact manufacturing sustainability."
We recently connected with Sean Gregerson, AVEVA VP, asset performance management, and Bob Familiar, Microsoft Technology Center director/leader, for the webinar “Asset Management:
How To Collaborate—Smartly—To Reach Sustainability Goals With Your Existing  Production Assets

Here find a teaser for that presentation, which you can access on demand, with a quick discussion about making brownfield assets smart and easy wins with sustainability. Take a look…

Smart Industry: Are brownfield assets as troublesome an issue with sustainability efforts as many people fear them to be?

Sean: Brownfield assets present perhaps the most immediate and low cost opportunity to positively impact manufacturing sustainability and reduced carbon emissions with the application of no code AI to improve operational efficiency through reliability and performance improvements.

Bob: It is challenging to bring legacy infrastructure into the digital age. Intelligent Edge Vision Systems that provide object recognition and textual interpolation along with edge analytics and secure connectivity to the cloud can provide the access to the data that otherwise would remain hidden.

Smart Industry: What's a common, "easy win" regarding boosting sustainability with smart, digital approaches?

Sean: The application of purpose-built predictive analytics to transform in real-time raw data into actionable information to make the timely, informed and optimized decisions that underpin operational excellence.

Bob: Microsoft has applied massive resources and innovative data center design to create a net zero cloud platform so that we can pass that carbon reduction to our customers. Your migration to Microsoft Azure and your use of Microsoft Office 365 can contribute to your carbon reporting and reduction.

Smart Industry: What most excites you about the near future of smart manufacturing?

Sean: Technologies have evolved to a maturity state that enables manufacturing plant operators to quickly deploy and get value from advanced AI solutions without having to understand the complexity of the data science resulting in entirely new levels of operational efficiency and fast time to results.

Bob: Access to real-time data made possible through adoption of IoT along with advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, provide manufactures the forward-looking insights they need to optimize operations and innovate on their manufacturing processes. This same real-time data backbone provides access to the telemetry needed to measure carbon, water and waste in order to take action, reduce and drive to our sustainability goals. 

Want more with Sean and Bob? Click here to join the webinar on demand.