Honeywell introduces Emissions Control & Reduction Initiative

May 24, 2022
Focuses on the detection and reporting of fugitive methane emissions to help users reduce production losses, improve productivity and comply with legislation.

Today at its Users Group event, Honeywell announced an Emissions Control & Reduction Initiative designed to help customers achieve carbon neutrality in a wide range of areas. The initiative will initially focus on helping oil and gas customers with upstream, midstream and downstream operations to monitor and reduce fugitive methane emissions, which are more than 25 times as potent as carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

By combining its portfolio of fixed, portable and personal gas-detection solutions with gas-cloud imaging cameras, Honeywell will provide customers with early detection of fugitive methane emissions, including the precise location of any leaks and associated data analytics and trends. Equipped with this data, users can act quickly to address leaks and other identified risks to minimize production losses and maintain compliance with legislation. 

The solutionwhich combines wireless gas-detector technology with enterprise-wide data management solutions—works in tandem with existing Leak Detection & Repair (LDAR) testing methods to improve the accuracy of reporting and increase productivity by enabling users to find production losses faster, Honeywell notes.

“The Emissions Control and Reduction Initiative expands on Honeywell’s wide range of ready-now technologies that are helping our customers meet their sustainability goals,” said Ujjwal Kumar, president of Honeywell Process Solutions. “With our pedigree in gas detection and breadth of solutions, Honeywell is providing customers with a holistic and proactive approach to emission reduction that they’ve never had before.”

Honeywell recently announced a new set of commitments that further advance its sustainability goals beyond the company’s existing commitment to become carbon neutral in its facilities and operations by 2035. The new pledges include a commitment to develop a science-based target with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) that includes scope-3 emissions and participation in the US Department of Energy’s Better Climate Challenge, they note. These initiatives represent a continuation of the company's sustainability efforts since 2004, which have already driven a more than 90% reduction in the greenhouse-gas intensity of its operations and facilities, they claim, adding that the company also supports the Paris Climate Agreement.

Honeywell’s methane-detection capability will be available to customers in Q4 2022.