Product News: Rockwell's LifecycleIQ Portfolio with threat-detection

Jan. 24, 2022
Threat detection is a proactive approach to industrial cybersecurity.

The new offering of Threat Detection Managed Services from Rockwell Automation provides application-level, real-time monitoring, and response services to help detect, identify, contain, eradicate and recover from a cyber-incident.

Threat detection is a proactive approach to industrial cybersecurity. Since an overwhelming majority of companies cite workforce as a challenge where it is impacting their ability to deliver security projects within their organizations, Threat Detection Managed Services was launched to monitor network traffic within operational technology (OT) networks to build high fidelity baselines of “known good” traffic patterns within the ICS environment, while also providing real-time contextual alerts on both security threats and high-risk operational changes, notes Rockwell. 

Rockwell Automation provides Claroty threat-detection software as an option in its Threat Detection portfolio, as well as Cisco Cyber Vision, which provides a unique switch-based architecture for customers with existing Cisco solutions, greenfield networks, or those updating their Cisco network infrastructure, according to its maker.

Whether a customer selects Cisco or Claroty’s threat-detection software, Rockwell’s combined services provide a unique value to customers by:

  • Ensuring an easy and consistent deployment
  • Providing dependable support across a global enterprise
  • Providing global project implementation services and remote monitoring support in the long term