Webinar replay: New SEC Reporting Requirements and Your Cyber Defenses

Feb. 15, 2024
Rewatch our Feb. 15 program on the new government preparedness and reporting guidelines, featuring Michael Daniel, chief of the Cyber Threat Alliance and former White House cybersecurity ccoordinator, and Richard Bird, CISO at Traceable AI and an influencer on cybersecurity, data privacy, digital consumer rights, and next-generation security topics.

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Michael Daniel and Richard Bird helped Smart Industry and our audience explore the latest frontier in corporate transparency: the new U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rules, which went into effect in mid-December, that require public companies, including manufacturers, to unveil their cybersecurity defense strategies (in their annual corporate 10-K reports) as well as actual incidents (in any 8-K filings). The new rules have brought some sunshine to some specific attack scenarios of late.

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They also have required many manufacturers to scramble and beef up their data and reporting policies as well as anticipate government reporting when incidents do occur—all in all a messy business, as Daniel and Bird reported.

And, as we also learned from the duo in our hourlong program, companies haven’t done such a great job—and that more regulation is inevitably on the way that will burden corporations, cause more confusion, or (looking at things less cynically) help industry structure preparedness and incident reporting better for the future.

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Daniel predicted the government regulatory structure is only bound to become more complex, but both agreed that companies probably need the guidance and structure.

Please take some time to view the video because the discussion was spirited and very informative.


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