Product News: WAGO introduces three modules for use in harsh environments

Jan. 29, 2021
The new couplers offer dedicated fieldbus ports with faster boot-up times.
WAGO has added a new Ethernet-based PLC controller and two new I/O couplers for use in extreme environments.These new modules, part of the 750 XTR Series, have two switched Ethernet ports for feedthrough cabling and support any of the XTR digital, analog and specialty I/O modules.

The new PLC controller (750-890/040-000) has the ability to be programmed with WAGO-I/O-PRO based Codesys v.2 software and supports MODBUS TCP/UDP fieldbus communications.It offers the latest hardware technology, providing faster processing speeds and more memory than previous generations, per WAGO.

The new distributed I/O couplers (750-362/040-000 and 750-363/040-000) offer dedicated fieldbus ports with faster boot-up times. The 750-362/040-000 supports MODBUS TCP/UDP while the 750-363/040-000 supports EtherNet/IP communications.