Product News: WAGO’s DIN rail-cutters and wire duct/channel cutter

March 29, 2021
Promise to enable users to customize and cut their own DIN rail.

WAGO's DIN rail cutter for 15mm and 32mm DIN rail

WAGO introduces two new DIN rail cutters and a wire duct/channel cutter to their expanding line of custom tools. These tools are especially beneficial for panel shops, machine-builders or anyone who has a need to punch and cut their own custom DIN rail, per their maker.

The DIN rail cutters come in standard and universal options. The standard version (60448311) cuts the two most common sizes of slotted DIN rail (15 mm and 32mm) while the universal cutter (60448310) is capable of cutting five different DIN rail profiles, along with the ability to punch/slot rail. For convenience when cutting in high quantities, there is also an opportunity to upgrade the universal cutter by implementing an automated air/hydraulic foot pedal, notes WAGO.