Product News: WAGO’s TOPJOB S terminal block series

April 14, 2021
Accessories such as jumpers and universal marking strips may be interchanged throughout the entire line.
WAGO has added a complete line of function terminal blocks to its TOPJOB S push-button terminal block family. This expansion includes automotive and pivoting fuse holders, blade disconnects and base carrier terminal blocks for pluggable modules. 

All variants feature Push-In CAGE CLAMP connection technology and the orange push-button, which can be actuated using a standard tool. Using the same profile as other terminal blocks in the TOPJOB S family, accessories such as jumpers and universal marking strips may be interchanged throughout the entire line, per WAGO. 

These new terminal blocks come in four basic styles and in 2, 3 and 4-conductor variants:

  1. Mini automotive blade fuses or mini-circuit breakers (multiple LED blown fuse indication options) 
  2. Pivot-style glass fuse holder (5 x 20 mm mini metric fuses)
  3. Blade disconnect
  4. Base-carrier style for pluggable glass fuse holders, orange disconnect plugs or electronic-component modules (offering various plugs, including custom and empty, allowing users to design their own)

“Function terminal blocks add tremendous value with their ability to protect circuits, support troubleshooting and integrate electronic components—diodes, resistors and more. They can be combined with a same profile feed through terminal block to create a complete solution for sensors, actuators and power circuits with fusing and disconnects,” said Clayton Windsor, product manager for DIN Rail Mount Terminal Blocks. “As well, shared accessories allow for unique jumpering schemes such as staggered jumpers for commoning of alternating +24VDC and +0VDC terminals.”