Product News: Hexagon's wireless laser scanner

May 5, 2021
it promises users the opportunity to evaluate product quality early in the game.
Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence Division recently launched what it touts as the world’s first wireless laser scanner designed specifically to work inside computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines. The scanner allows for data to be efficiently, accurately and securely transmitted wirelessly, which improves production quality, per its maker, which enablesmeasuring on the machine tool, whether for workpiece inspection, temperature, or tool control, workpieces to be controlled before—or even in between—machining, which can improve production times and produce higher-quality products.


Manuel Müller, product marketing manager of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, said, “The wireless laser scanner gives users the opportunity to evaluate product quality early in the game. It allows for deviations to be spotted early on, giving teams more time to make adjustments for better accuracy and results.”


Everything runs with just one receiver, Müller explained. “We’re working with OEMs who will fit several sensors to their machines, which can simply be switched automatically for particular applications,

depending on the program the user is running. Apart from providing better measurements on whole parts, the wireless laser scanner also has new capabilities. These include, creating colour maps to identify deviations, measuring freeform surfaces, and generating correction value allowing automatic part adjustments. The new package includes the wireless scanner, modular software, and Hexagon’s RC-R-100 multi- sensor receiver. The scanner is stored directly in the tool magazine inside the CNC machine and is inserted to the spindle automatically without any manual intervention."