Product News: ABB's Manufacturing Operations Management

Nov. 26, 2019
Employs enhanced manufacturing-management tech for smart operations.

The new version of ABB Ability Manufacturing Operations Management will offer an extended range of capabilities and new digital applications, according to its maker. This flexible and secure software platform with a broad suite of industrial applications gives operators, supervisors and plant managers the visibility and insights to take the right actions for increased productivity, quality and compliance, according to ABB.

New features in the enhanced-manufacturing operations-management platform include:

  • Enhanced user experience based on new HTML 5 web client
  • A new smart interactive dashboard application that provides greater visibility and collaboration
  • A new statistical process control (SPC) application, to determine if each process is in a state of control
  • A new Batch Compare application for advanced batch analysis

“ABB Ability Manufacturing Operations Management is a comprehensive, scalable and modular software suite that optimizes visibility, knowledge and control throughout the operations domain,” said Narasimham Parimi, head of digital products–product management, process control platform. “This release provides a range of rich new functionality and a new enhanced user experience that enables operations to become more productive and responsive.”

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