si clipFrom the oil patch to the assembly line, industry is being remade through digital technology, resulting in safer, more efficient, more productive and more agile operations. Smarter devices, proliferating sensors, ubiquitous networks and more powerful software applications have begun to transform virtually every aspect of the industrial asset lifecycle, integrating and distilling the “big data” associated with myriad digital systems into context-sensitive, actionable information delivered to the right people and systems, at the right time and in the right place. Together with new data-driven production technologies such as additive manufacturing and collaborative robotics, digital technology also is enabling entirely new business models as well as reducing the cost, time and risk of bringing new products to market—and of bringing new production capabilities on line.

Smart Industry is a conference & expo, print publication and online information resource created to accelerate the ongoing digital transformation of manufacturing and related industries, as represented by the convergence of information and operational technologies and industrywide movements such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industrie 4.0 and big data analytics.

Our mission is to facilitate knowledge exchange, explore emerging best practices and spur business development among the global community poised to turn this vision of the next industrial revolution into reality.