Seeq & Tableau partner for faster visualization of time-series data

Sept. 12, 2017
Enables connectivity to data historians, cleansing and contextualization.
Seeq Corporation, a software application for process manufacturing organizations, announced a technology integration with business-intelligence provider Tableau. With the integration, Seeq
customers can leverage Tableau’s advanced visualization tools for their time series data, and Tableau users can leverage Seeq for data wrangling and modeling prior to visualization in Tableau.

Organizations in manufacturing, mining, pulp &paper, food & beverage, and other process industries use Seeq Workbench to rapidly find and analyze time-series data leading to better production outcomes including improved asset availability, product quality, and process efficiency, according to Seeq. 

“The partnership between Tableau and Seeq provides our customers faster access and incorporation of time series data, while eliminating the tasks of manual data extractions and time-consuming data cleansing,” says Sunil Sanghani, head of global ISV’s and technology alliances at Tableau. “With this partnership, engineers, analysts and operations managers can leverage Tableau to uncover insights within their time series data.”