Siemens & Festo Didactic take aim at the manufacturing skills gap

June 25, 2018
Verifies that participants have a world-class technical background.

Siemens has partnered with Festo Didactic to offer the Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program (SMSCP), aimed to help students, instructors and learning institutions combat the skills gap in the rapidly changing manufacturing industry.

As automated systems become more complex, the need for qualified people with knowledge of

Participants in the Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program

integrated mechatronic systems is critical, according to the partners. Through the SMSCP program, Siemens and Festo Didactic are providing access to expert trainers, sophisticated learning systems, and industry-approved curriculum required for these skills.

“The partnership between Siemens and Festo Didactic enables us to explore new methods of learning by creating an experiential, hands-on learning environment combined with the theoretical aspects of didactic training,” said Gail Norris, US lead—Industry Learning Services. “This new approach allows us to offer a holistic and robust experience to instructors, who will go on to train the workforce of the future.”

“Siemens and Festo Didactic are natural partners for elevating and expanding mechatronic and advanced manufacturing training,” said Thomas Lichtenberger, CEO of Festo Didactic. “We’re committed to designing new and exciting career pathways in the industry we’re passionate about—but that cannot be done without thoughtful and innovative considerations when it comes to how we teach our students.”

The first US-based SMSCP program for educators was held in early June at the Siemens training center in Atlanta. Participating instructors had the opportunity to learn in a simulated smart-factory environment, working on the latest technology with problem-solving scenarios they would encounter in real-world manufacturing environments.

Siemens SMSCP certification is internationally recognized and verifies that instructors and students have obtained a world-class technical background, according to the partner organizations. The certification enables employers to identify and hire qualified candidates for the challenging and complex roles of the future.

Siemens touts the benefits of the SMSCP certification:

  • Certified, well-trained, employees: Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce time-to-productivity of new employees: Reduce on-the-job training
  • Cost savings on training and education: Highly skilled workers from local schools

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