Product News: Radica Software’s Electra Cloud

Jan. 16, 2020
Fully browser-based electrical CAD software.

Radica Software announced the availability of Electra Cloud, a fully browser-based electrical CAD software that, according to its maker, enables engineers to create, edit and share 2D electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic schematic drawings with team members. Electra Cloud works on all computer-operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple Macintosh, as well as on any mobile devices, such as smartphones. Radica notes that Electra Cloud does not require extensive training to help engineers complete schematic drawings between 300% and 500% faster than traditional software currently available in the market.

Electra Cloud allows users to collaborate on drawings with team members located anywhere in the world in real-time, with just a browser and no additional software.

Thomas Yip, CEO and founder of Radica Software said, “Software offerings in the electrical CAD industry have not seen much changes despite their long existence. So, we are thrilled to offer Electra Cloud, a breakthrough solution for engineers around the world. We’re saying this because Electra Cloud can be accessed from anywhere using a web browser and users no longer need to have software installed on their computer to access electrical drawings. This sets Electra Cloud apart from ECAD products in the market.”

Team dashboard, a feature in Electra Cloud, enables team members of the same project to access the latest versions of drawings, allowing members to work more effectively. It enables sharing, commenting, chatting and collaborative editing, according to Yip.

In addition, Electra Cloud also comes with the File Version Control feature that automatically saves changes made in real-time, allowing collaborators to revert to previous revisions without worrying about losing any previous work.

Electra Cloud contains all the necessary automated tooling, including automatic tagging, circuit reuse, real-time cross reference and an extensive set of NFPA/JIC and IEC symbols, along with PLC modules. It automatically generates bills of materials, terminals and panel layouts.

“Electra Cloud makes design collaboration much simpler and easier,” said Yip. “Previously, recipients must have had the same CAD software or a viewer to collaborate on a drawing, but that is not an issue anymore. With a click of a button, users of Electra Cloud can now share drawings with any authorized team members regardless of their location and they can edit, comment and chat about the designs using a web browser only.”