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Business briefs: AI for chip design, 70 synchronized servo axes, carbon capture in Texas

Aug. 31, 2023
Those stories and Deere’s latest earnings, Solving electronics procurement challenges, IIoT for smart cities and a big win for Navistar.

While Smart Industry works to bring readers the most up-to-date information on IT, OT, digital manufacturing advances and factory technology upgrades, as part of Endeavor Business Media, we also have access to the work done by a massive number of editors across the country. Here are a few stories from our partners:

Know Each NDT Method's Differences

Our partners at Aviation Pros provide this look into the six most common non-destructive testing techniques that manufacturers use to ensure that critical components won’t fail in the air. 

AI Lends a Helping Hand with Analog and Custom IC Design

Electronic Design Senior Staff Editor James Morra describes how design automations tools are advancing with the addition of artificial intelligence. 

DOE Awards $3M+ to GE Vernova for DAC Regional Hub in Texas

In EnergyTech, editors discuss a pilot project to remove 1 million tons of carbon dioxide from the air every year, equivalent to the annual emissions of about 200,000. 

Navistar Defense to build 10,000 tactical trailers with AM General

Trailer/Body Builders tracks a military contract calling for Navistar’s West Point, Mississippi, plant to build thousands of rugged trailers for military applications

Smart Cities are Advancing with IIoT

Digital connectivity isn’t just for manufacturing plants, reports T&D World. Smart city technologies derived from manufacturing could ease traffic, improve public safety and slash energy spending. 

How to Build a Better Rat Trap—with 70 Synchronized Servo Axes

Trapping or killing rats has been a human obsession for a few thousand years, but getting cycle times down to 1.5 seconds takes some planning and engineering. Machine Design describes how a Spanish company used a novel motion control system, maybe not to build a better mouse trap but to build that mouse trap better

Top 3 Electronics Procurement Challenges Solved

The worst of the 2022 chip shortages may be behind us, but the electronics world still faces supply chain challenges. Supply Chain Connect discusses how companies can address climbing inventory levels, bill-of-materials (BOM) shortfalls and productivity

Deere’s Net Sales and Revenues Increase 14 Percent in Fiscal Third Quarter

Infrastructure and building spending is up nationwide, and equipment producer Deere & Co. is a major beneficiary. Sale and earnings were up double digits in the third quarter, and the company’s outlook is strong, reports Rental Equipment Register.