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Lester Buildings Accelerated Continuous Improvement By Accounting for 100% of Production Time

Dec. 9, 2022
Read on to learn how Lester Buildings used a digital OEE improvement solution to boost productivity through real-time shop floor visibility and accounting for 100% of downtime reasons.

As a leading manufacturer of post-frame building systems, Lester Buildings automated production and downtime tracking using a digital OEE solution. Prior to using OEE software, Lester Buildings relied on pen-and-paper processes to log downtime and create reports to understand what their top production losses were. Now, Lester identifies real-time improvement opportunities in seconds. With complete, accurate data, the frontline and operations teams are empowered to eliminate bottlenecks and reach production targets faster. This has led to huge ROI, including increased revenue by 34%. Read the full case study.

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