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Product News: Noteable's ChatGPT plugin to democratize access to data

May 11, 2023
"AI becomes a member of your team and empowers a new level of access to data and data collaboration."

Noteable announced the launch of its Noteable Notebooks ChatGPT plugin, providing access to computational notebooks with exploratory analysis, visualization, machine learning, and data-manipulation capabilities for everyone, regardless of skill level.

Noteable claims that the tool enables everyone to create data-driven documents using only a written prompt. It’s as easy as describing to ChatGPT the data it should work with, the analysis required, the techniques to explore, and how it should be brought together in a data-driven document, they claim, adding that customers will receive an entire collaborative and interactive notebook, empowering every stakeholder with data and inviting collaboration.

“Using natural language democratizes notebooks. By reducing the coding-syntax barrier, everyone can successfully transform data into knowledge. At Noteable, we’ve integrated generative AI to be a powerful assistant to you and your organization. The greatest thing about this technology is it makes coding more inclusive and enables everyone to share and build upon their ideas and their data,” said Carol Willing, VP of engineering at Noteable.

As a ChatGPT plugin, millions of users will be exposed to the power of computational notebooks and be able to use Noteable’s plugin functionality in combination with other plugins in the ChatGPT ecosystem. By enabling ChatGPT as a "pair programmer,” Noteable promises to make next-generation workflows possible and finally eliminate the barriers between data teams.

“With the Noteable Notebooks ChatGPT plugin, AI becomes a member of your team and empowers a new level of access to data and data collaboration. For data teams and engineers, the plugin will 10x efficiency and output, positioning stakeholders at all levels of the organization to make data-informed decisions more quickly,” said Kyle Kelley, chief architect at Noteable.