Evolutionary Fault Tolerance with Seven Nines (99.99999) Availability

Jan. 28, 2024
We’ve evolved fault tolerance to make it accessible for any organization – and any team – to run mission-critical applications and complex software stacks without downtime or data loss.

Discover intelligent, predictive fault tolerance delivered by Stratus’ new generation computing platform, Stratus ztC Endurance! 

Stratus ztC Endurance has an advanced availability architecture designed to provide the optimal combination of protection, performance, intelligence, modularity, flexibility, and serviceability for a modern, next-generation mission-critical computing system. 

Learn more about Stratus ztC Endurance features, such as: 
• Intelligent, predictive fault tolerance 
• 99.99999% availability 
• Multi-layered security 
• Proactive health monitoring 


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