The Definitive Guide to Generative AI for Industry

Dec. 19, 2023
Gartner expects that by "2030, 75% of operational decisions will be made within an AI-enabled application or process." Are your ops teams ready for that reality? Learn what industrial leaders and "mavericks" must know about Gen AI in this new guide.

Gen AI is already reshaping how industrial knowledge workers and subject matter experts explore structured and unstructured data and use it to improve root cause analysis and other operational processes. But deploying, trusting, and scaling this new technology is far from straightforward...

Read this new guide to accelerate your Industrial Gen AI efforts and avoid certain pitfalls:
1. Learn what it actually takes to make generative AI work for industry.
2. Discover opportunities and gaps in your current industrial data management worldview.
3. Take advantage of key tools to profile your readiness, calculate value, and write your RFP. 


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