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Smart Industry to debut new technology series

June 6, 2024
From iterative improvements in operations to game-changing innovations, Industry 4.0 thought leader Jeff Winter and Smart Industry’s Scott Achelpohl will, starting on June 24 and continuing monthly, talk about how manufacturers large to small can embrace technology.

Mark your calendars!

On June 24, SI will debut a new dynamic duo of digital transformation.

Industry 4.0 enthusiast and thought leader Jeff Winter will join Smart Industry's Scott Achelpohl for the start of a monthly series of chats about how industrials large and small can embrace technology.

Manufacturing use cases for artificial intelligence, digital twins, predictive maintenance, cybersecurity, IT and OT convergence, automation, robotics, VR-assisted manufacturing, data management and dynamic search ... you name it, Jeff and Scott will probably talk about it—and more.

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During the June 24 premiere, however, we’ll begin with the ground-floor topic of How and Where Industrials Can Start Their Digital Transformation Journey.

Plus, during the debut, Jeff and Scott will answer questions you leave on our social media channels here, here, and here or send to the program via email. So please reach out; we want to hear from you!

Jeff and Scott hope this will become an interesting and informative series of programs, certainly with a generous amount of help from our audience. Once we get going with episodes, you'll be able to see and hear them on smartindustry.com as well as SI's, Scott's and Jeff's social channels.

So stay tuned! It's going to be a fun ride.

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Scott Achelpohl

I've come to Smart Industry after stints in business-to-business journalism covering U.S. trucking and transportation for FleetOwner, a sister website and magazine of SI’s at Endeavor Business Media, and branches of the U.S. military for Navy League of the United States. I'm a graduate of the University of Kansas and the William Allen White School of Journalism with many years of media experience inside and outside B2B journalism. I'm a wordsmith by nature, and I edit Smart Industry and report and write all kinds of news and interactive media on the digital transformation of manufacturing.