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Industrial Applications of Generative AI: A Smart Industry eBook

Dec. 6, 2023
Gen-AI is just getting started in assisting with the digital transformation of manufacturing, but its uses, like in reducing downtime, already are quite apparent.

Manufacturers and their IT and OT people this year have planned for and begun ramping up their adoption of AI as part of their digital transformation efforts.

At Smart Industry, we compiled some of our 2023 coverage of AI and Gen-AI into a handy and downloadable (for members only) e-handbook, so our readers as stakeholders can add to their knowledge base about this technology.

This tech has gotten a lot of buzz, but its industrial applications still are coming into focus. More will be known in 2024 about the use of AI and Gen-AI—and SI will be there to cover it. For now, enjoy this useful rundown of our 2023 coverage.

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