Digitizing the supply chain

"We’re taking information and data that was formerly siloed within particular processes—the design stage, or production, for example—and sharing that information across the life cycle, creating products that are better-designed with fewer mistakes, and thus less costly to produce," says DMDII CTO Brench Boden.

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Attendees at the Smart Industry 2016 conference will embark on a field trip—a tour of Chicago’s Digital Manufacturing And Design Innovation Institute (DMDII). To provide insight on this cutting-edge facility, we chatted with DMDII Chief Technology Officer Brench Boden. Smart Industry: Describe the connection between DMDII, UI LABS and the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation. Brench: UI LABS solves large-scale challenges by bringing universities and industry together with startups and government to accelerate the deployment of emerging technologies through collaboration. The organization is developing a portfolio of applied research and commercialization…

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Required Reading on the Industrial IoT

Enabling the mobile worker, optimizing growth

NeeleyThe IIoT is a democratizer. When you adopt IIoT practices, information-sharing and collaboration increase. OPC Foundation recently announced an array of new initiatives and developments that will continue to bolster the specification’s role as a central interoperability standard for the emerging Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Read more here. 

White Paper: Five Key Elements for Effective IIoT Implementation

red lion graphicThis white paper details how seamless communication with operators, control systems and software applications, combined with practical networking options and support for native features and protocols, delivers exponential meaning to data extracted from industrial devices. Find the five key elements here. 

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