New supply-chain insights, new supply-chain lawsuits

I am cautioning my clients to be very thoughtful about the information collected and the security risks of IoT systems.


In addition to myriad other benefits, the Internet of Things enables more extensive transaction records and greater traceability of data, adding to the ways attorneys and clients can mine information in support of supply-chain cases. This repository of evidence can be audited, of course, and is subject to discovery and disclosure obligations. It may be used against enterprises in legal battles. In this sense, the Internet of Things presents both an opportunity and a dilemma for supply-chain-information management. Here we explore this changing legal landscape with Rosemary Coates, president of Rosemary Coates BlueSilk Consulting, and Sarah Rathke, partner with Squire…

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harting wp cdConnectors vs. hardwiring--it's about the bottom line 

The benefits of connector-based wiring aren’t just for the end-user. There is a large and continually growing portfolio of OEMs that have found that switching to connectors enables them to increase profits and reduce time to market. Interested? Download our white paper to learn more.  

SoI Cover with BorderSmart Industry 2016 State of Initiative Report

The 2016 State of Initiative Report, which benchmarks against the 2015 findings, is now available. Among the key findings of the 2016 survey of more than 250 industry leaders: *Those that believe the IIoT will have high or critical impact on their organization increased by a third. Download the report here. 

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