Lessons learned from IIoT deployments

Smart Industry 2016 conference presenter RJ Mahadev chats with us about IIoT architectures, deployment complexities and why you should care.


Cisco’s Head of Digital Manufacturing Services RJ Mahadev presents “Lessons Learned from IIoT Deployments” at the Smart Industry 2016 conference this September. Today he chats with Smart Industry about IIoT architectures, deployment complexities and why you should care. Take a look… Smart Industry: Why do we underestimate the complexity of IoT integration? How does this hurt those looking to adopt the IIoT?  RJ: In the manufacturing environment we have gotten used to proprietary solutions that are in place for a long time. Complexity and upgrades have been the enemy, however this is changing. Customers of manufacturing companies have gotten used to Internet…

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Required Reading on the Industrial IoT

IIoT State of Initiative 2016 Survey

SI StateOfInitiative LogoWe want to know your thoughts. Take our brief IIoT State of Initiative Survey to enable all of us to better understand the mindset of those involved in this digital transformation, to address the challenges faced by those at the forefront, and to compare findings against the survey responses from last year. Share and compare your perspective here. 

White Paper: Five Key Elements for Effective IIoT Implementation

red lion graphicThe efficiency of the Connected Factory, Industry 4.0 and/or IIoT model is derived from more valuable connections, and by the sharing of information between devices and humans. This white paper details how seamless communication with operators, control systems and software applications, combined with practical networking options and support for native features and protocols, delivers exponential meaning to data extracted from industrial devices. Find the five key elements here. 

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