Four Keys to Securing Distributed Control Systems

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At the core of critical infrastructure and industrial applications, control systems drive today’s power grid, hospital clinical environments, factories, vehicles, transportation systems and military operations. Because of their vital roles and the value of the information they exchange, these systems must be protected from both espionage and sabotage.

Security, however, has become more challenging. Millions of devices tap into today’s Industrial Internet of Things. More connections translate into more points of vulnerability, but security must not compromise other fundamental requirements including reliability, real-time performance, autonomy and interoperability.

This white paper from Real Time Innovations (RTI) presents an overview of industrial security requirements and the new security extensions to the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard. Implemented as plug-ins, the security extensions introduce authentication, confidentiality and access control while still satisfying demanding reliability and performance requirements. A power grid use case shows how DDS Security can be easily incorporated into existing systems — with or without prior adoption of the foundational DDS standard.