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From Selling Products to Services: Why companies are shifting to service revenue and how you can too

Attitudes towards servitization business models are changing, creating new challenges and big opportunities.

This webinar was originally broadcast on July 20, 2023. Now Available On Demand! 

Sponsor: Conga

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As customer expectations evolve, subscription-based models are emerging as a new paradigm. Companies providing services instead of selling products have improved customer relationships, expanded offerings, and created more predictable revenue. However, despite high demand and numerous benefits, transitioning to service revenue creates new business process challenges.   

This webinar will include valuable insights into the latest market trends and provide strategies on how to turn on a service revenue stream. Discover the best approach to overcome obstacles and unlock your organization's future potential.  

Key Points:   

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest servitization trends and how they are impacting the industry.  
  • Explore the benefits of subscription models, including increased customer satisfaction revenue growth. 
  • Learn about the common challenges in implementing a servitization framework and discover practical strategies to overcome them effectively. 


Vincent Benoit- Marquié | Director – Sales, Engineering | Conga 

Vincent Benoit-Marquié joined Conga in 2018 and currently serves as a Director of Sales Engineering, bringing his 12 years of CPQ expertise to the market. Having worked with four different CPQ vendors, including IBM Sterling CPQ, PROS CPQ, Model N CPQ, and now Conga, Vincent has gained a deep understanding of the solution’s best practices and nuances.  

In his current role, he focuses on helping companies achieve meaningful outcomes throughout their revenue lifecycle. He holds a degree from Edinburgh University in Britain. 

Brice Rey-Herme | Managing Director | Accenture

As a Managing Director at Accenture, Brice focuses on large scale B2B Sales Transformation for large enterprise clients. A Front Office Transformation Leader focused on helping clients drive Revenue and Margin Optimization and Accenture CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Practice Lead, he focuses on enabling revenue and margin growth by driving digital sales transformation across Commerce, Direct Sales (CRM), Channel Sales (PRM), CPQ, Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Billing, Order Creation, Entitlement Management, Renewals, and Upsell / Cross-sell Optimization.

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