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Unlocking Revenue Streams: Lexmark's IoT Connectivity Success Story

An IndustryWeek and Smart Industry-hosted webinar sponsored by Lexmark

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Sponsor: Lexmark

Duration: 1 Hour

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Harnessing IoT to convert device data into actionable intelligence is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. Over 20 years ago, Lexmark embraced this challenge, integrating IoT into their product line.  

However, only 15% of device manufacturers offer predictive services, and just 7% provide products as-a-Service. Many IoT initiatives remain stuck in pilot mode due to technical and operational hurdles and an extended ROI timeline.  

Lexmark overcame these obstacles, creating a global managed services business that autonomously generates 80% of support tickets, increased profitability by 25%, and boosted recurring revenue by 40%.  

In collaboration with IndustryWeek, Lexmark will share how they leveraged IoT to transform their business and help other manufacturers do the same. In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • How to link IoT initiatives to business value 
  • Quick delivery of meaningful intelligence from device data 
  • Overcoming hurdles to successful IoT implementation 
  • Achieving initial results in as few as 90 days  

With their experience and success, Lexmark is well positioned to guide others on their IoT journey. Don't miss this chance to learn from their expertise. 


Demetrios Karathanasis | Global Portfolio Director for the Optra IoT Platform | Lexmark 

Demetrios Karathanasis joined Lexmark in 2002 and he currently serves as Global Portfolio Director, Optra IoT Platform, where he brings his deep knowledge of Lexmark’s IoT capabilities to market with Lexmark Optra IoT Solutions offering.  He is focused on helping companies achieve meaningful outcomes with their DX and IoT initiatives with speed.  

Demetrios has extensive experience in Operations, Sales, Product Management, and Strategy, including deep international experience.  In his past roles, he has designed and executed Managed Print Services for large global companies in manufacturing, finance, retail, healthcare, and government. 

Neil Feldman | Director, Global MPS and IoT Sales | Lexmark 

Neil Feldman brings over 20 years of experience in Managed Services and product-as-a-Service sales execution and is responsible for go-to-market strategies for Connected Products solutions. Neil has extensive experience in guiding customers from one-time hardware purchases to longer-term contractual engagements that provide significant benefits to all parties. He has had successful engagements with many of the world’s largest manufacturing, banking and retail companies. 

In his current role, he helps manufacturers round out their sales strategies to keep pace with evolving customer needs in highly competitive market environments. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of North Carolina. 

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