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Cybersecurity Threats are Hiding Inside Your CNC Machines. What Can You Do About it?

An Industry Week, Smart Industry, and Security Info Watch-hosted webinar sponsored by Trend Micro

This webinar was originally held on June 28, 2023, and is now available for on-demand viewing. Access it here!

Sponsor: Trend Micro

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CNC machine tools are the basis for modern manufacturing, and connecting to factory computer networks, can feed tremendous amounts of process data that can inform manufacturing, sales, procurement and human resources systems. But that so-valuable connectivity is also a major source of risk. If a cybercriminal were to make a security intrusion into the CNC equipment, they could take production hostage. 

As part of our security research, we performed a security evaluation on four representative vendors’ machines, and identified attacks categorized into five main types. In addition, this research explores security risks associated with CNC machines while conducting possible attacks against real CNC machines.  

This session will share the results of that research along with part of attack scenarios demonstrated using real machines. We will also review security requirements to mitigate cyber risks. Attendees will learn about:

  • Security risks in IT/OT interconnected systems 
  • Risk management of expanding attack surface 
  • The importance of context-aware detection and response 


William J. Malik | Vice President, Infrastructure Strategies | Trend Micro Incorporated 

Bill brings deep expertise in information security to his role as VP of Infrastructure Strategies. He was also founder of Gartner’s Information Security Strategies service and has spoken internationally on information security, identity management, privacy, business continuity, and enterprise architecture. Bill served for years in technical leadership roles at IBM. 

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