Modernization vs. Digital Transformation: Debunking Myths and Choosing the Right Digital Strategy

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Duration: 1 Hour

Sponsor: Rockwell Automation

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Modernization and digital transformation are buzzwords that too often vendors use interchangeably. However, there are critical differences that companies need to understand to get the most out of their tech spend.  

Modernization means getting the most out of your current equipment. That’s not to say it’s a timid approach. Done right, modernization can produce massive gains in productivity and lower costs. Digital transformation, on the other hand, can seem like a moon shot. It’s a bigger-investment, bigger-rewards rethink of the entire manufacturing process, something that helps futureproof your organization. 

How do you know which approach is best for your company? 

In this webinar, we’ll present examples of companies using each approach – what worked in different cases and why. And you’ll learn the top lessons that successful companies use. 

  • Why the Factory Must Lead the Initiative 
  • How to Avoid Overdoing the Plan and Embrace Learning 
  • Ensuring Collaboration Across Divisions is Key 
  • How to Get Beyond the Pilot and Assume Variation 
  • Integrating Data Governance 
  • Communicating Progress and Celebrating Success 


Ian Fountain | Director of Digital Transformation | Rockwell Automation 

Ian has spent over 20 years in the industry, working for companies such as National Instruments and Rockwell Automation. Ian is currently the Director of Digital Transformation at Rockwell Automation, where he leads a team of transformational business executives to inspire customers to think bigger and drive the tough work of digital transformation. 

Throughout his career, Ian has demonstrated a passion for growth, both personally and professionally, and is always seeking creative solutions to challenges. He has expertise in market strategy, business development, digital transformation, and embedded systems. 

Justin Garski | OEM Segment Manager, Packaging and Converting | Rockwell 

For over 20 years, Justin has been connected with robotics, independent cart, and automation. Spending time in field service, engineering, and then sales, he has continued to gain knowledge and industry experience in a wide variety of applications. His knack for whiteboarding new concepts and solutions makes any applications discussion an interesting engagement. 

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