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Bentley: Drive Your Digital Journey With AssetWise

To gain better insights into asset performance and make the best business decisions, you need to harness and leverage the data you are generating.

Smart and Safe Machines

The content in this knowledge center will help you learn to install state of the art control components on your machines for competitive advantage, greater adaptability and safety.

Industrial Internet Consortium Resource Page

The world's leading membership program focused on accelerating the IIoT, the Industrial Internet Consortium includes among its members some of the world’s most innovative companies, bringing together corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers and governments to advance innovation, share best practices and solve interoperability, security and innovation issues.

Control Convergence

Increasingly control, safety, visualization and information management functionality are converging on a single platform based on international standards. This convergence is led by Moore's Law and enabled by a host of new technologies, resulting in machines that are safer and easier to use as well as more effective.

Asset Management Software: IFS Applications Designed for Managing Assets

As a leading global supplier of Asset Management solutions we have been helping companies to cut their operational costs and increase their productivity for over 20 years. Our offering has grown to match the differing requirements of stakeholders in the market and to provide each with prime opportunities to increase their profitability.

Asset Management Software: INFOR CMMS/EAM ZONE

More than ever, CMMS/EAM vendors need you, their clients, to succeed. Many have identified room for improvement and are focusing their efforts on four key areas: industry specialization, implementation, integration and functionality. The changes they wrought have prompted us to revise and expand the Plant Services CMMS/EAM Software Review, our detailed hands-on comparison of current offerings.