November 2016 Issue

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Connected services landscape maturing rapidly
Connected services dovetail so precisely with several of industry’s most pressing needs.

Smart Industry: your partner in progress
Marketers have shifted traditional advertising dollars to education-based communications.

Results via collaborative disruption
The mindset of allowing customers to buy the outcome.

Cognitive enterprises will define the future
Cognitive enterprises learn from the digital imprints humans leave on society.

IIoT’s new business models
Three intersecting trends may indicate a strategic opportunity area for you—or your competitors.

Faurecia integration yields real-time transparency
Data exchange means interfacing with hundreds of servers and controls platforms in-house and at customer locations.

OPC UA offers more than connectivity
OPC started with client/server, now it’s also publish/subscribe. It started at the enterprise, now it’s embedded in devices.

A new model for sustainable, end-to-end security
Developers first need to look at how potential solutions will be deployed.

Digitalization changing how products come to life
You need to think digitally across the entire value chain.

Scrum lights the way for grid modernization
The United States’ power grid is dated and faces a future for which it was not designed.

Lean initiative leads MacLean-Fog to the IIoT
Unlike a light switch, the IIoT has no toggle button to turn it on and off.