December 2018 Issue

2018 q4 cover

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Transformation ain’t rocket science—Identify a business case, then start small to scale fast.  

AGCO frees digital technology to rise to its own level—Industrial IoT just latest tool in agricultural equipment maker's pursuit of lean principles.

 Plan for a digital, outcomes-based future—How companies are leveraging digitalization and innovative business models.

 Culture is key to organizational transformation—Align your organization's culture to accelerate digital innovation.

 Air Liquide digitalizes to compete and serve customers—New digital tools are helping to elevate worker tasks and redefine organizational structures. 

Organizational responses to data overload—Expert panel explores strategies for bringing people together and along. 

Connectivity reshaping industrial channels—How to monetize industrial goods in a digital world. 

Intel shows people crucial to IIoT success—Ethnographic surveys show humans already shifting from manual tasks to more strategic roles aided by technology. How to manage the shift. 

Strange bedfellow, welcome rewards—As smart systems blur business models, manufacturers must rethink strategies and reconsider longstanding relationships. 

A closing call for democratization—Industry needs to collaborate to create smart, innovative solutions that can be accessed by all.  

 Navel-gazing in the decade of data—Machine awareness at the core of digital transformation.