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Product News: Update to Stratus ztC Edge computing portfolio

Jun 03, 2019

Stratus Technologiesannounced the availability of Stratus Redundant Linux 2.0, the virtualization and availability software layer that powers ztC Edge, as well as a new hardware model, the 110i. These updates to Stratus’ ztC Edge computing portfolio, developed with input from end users, as well as system integrator and reseller partners, addresses customers’ most pressing needs for enhanced security, monitoring and performance at the edge of corporate networks, while continuing to offer the simplicity and unmatched reliability of the original platform, according to industry iot iiot industrial internet of things digital transformation

ztC Edge features:

  • Security—ztC Edge includes new features that address the biggest threat to an industrial control system—adding devices to the network that do not protect themselves. This solution offers a host-based firewall, restricted USB ports, improved authentication, updated secure communications protocols, and secure trusted boot.
  • Monitoring—ztC Edge extends its monitoring capabilities by providing better visibility and more fine-grained control, according to Stratus. The new solution offers additional hardware sensors, application and VM performance monitoring, and OPC UA support, so customers can incorporate ztC Edge system health information into their existing industrial-monitoring tools and dashboards.
  • Performance—ztC Edge addresses the need to meet a wide variety of availability requirements for workloads at the edge. The product introduces support for mixed-fault tolerant and highly available workloads, providing customers the ability to meet stringent recovery-time and recovery-point objectives, while enabling them to match the level of protection to the criticality of their applications.

“With the latest additions to our ztC Edge computing solution, Stratus is responding quickly to the changing needs of our industrial, manufacturing, retail, transportation and emergency response customers, as their formerly-insulated operations are now becoming more decentralized and connected,” says Stratus CEO Dave Laurello.

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