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Product News: Self-adjusting die-crimping tool from AutomationDirect

Mar 21, 2019

The new DN-FE-16T crimping tool from AutomationDirect has a rotatable die and a

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The DN-FE-16T crimping tool

trapezoidal crimp profile. The crimper is self-adjusting for use with insulated and non-insulated wire ferrules in sizes from 26 to 8 AWG. The crimp head is rotatable to accommodate crimping from the side or from the front.

The DN-FE-16T crimper is lightweight, compact and comfortable for crimping a wide range of insulated and non-insulated ferrules, crimping terminals and connectors, according to its maker.

DN-FE series crimpers feature controlled-cycle ratchet action (with emergency release) to ensure crimps are completed according to specification every time. The crimpers are balanced to avoid slipping and provide a low handle force for larger ferrule sizes. The compact, light-weight design provides access within confined spaces; a non-slip grip pad enables applying pressure against a surface for more crimp force.