Omron robot aims to enhance human-machine collaboration

Jan 24, 2019

Omron Automation Americas announced the release of an advanced-yet-intuitive solution for automating repetitive tasks in manufacturing. With built-in vision and a user-friendly, plug-and-play programming interface, the new TM Series Collaborative Robot works seamlessly with humans to enhance productivity and ensure safety, according to Omron.

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The TM Series Collaborative Robot

Designed to enable an innovative manufacturing environment, this transportable robot complies with safety requirements for human-robot collaboration specified in ISO 10218-1 and ISO/TS 15066. It can be trained to perform almost any repetitive task in any location, according to its maker, thanks to a manual teaching function that enables operators to teach the robot with hand-guidance, rather than software.

Omron touts that the TM Series Collaborative Robot has:

  • Programming interface that is intuitive and quick to set up. The robot reduces installation and setup times compared with traditional industrial robots thanks to a flowchart-based programming interface and intuitive teaching. No prior robot-programming experience is necessary.
  • Integrated on-arm vision system to further reduce setup time. The robot comes with built-in vision and integrated lighting for capturing products with a wide viewing angle. Image-sensing functions include pattern matching, barcode reading, color identification and more.
  • Compliance with human-machine collaborative-safety standards. The robot ensures safe cooperation between humans and machines and reduces installation time by eliminating the requirement for industrial safety-guarding.

Omron believe their new robot will appeal to manufacturers seeking to boost production and reduce employee fatigue by automating repetitive tasks such as machine-tending, loading and unloading, assembly, screwdriving, gluing, testing or soldering.

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