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Jacksonville Jaguars and Siemens partner to bring IoT to the gridiron

May 28, 2019

Siemens announced a new technology partnership with the Jacksonville Jaguars that brings the power of the IoT to TIAA Bank Field, where Siemens’ MindSphere operating system will gather detailed analytics on field status and performance to ensure playing conditions are always ideal.

On-field sensors will communicate with the Greenkeeper Analytics application to create a visual dashboard. The software analyzes data based on temperature, fertilization, humidity, weather and light conditions. As the system gathers more and more information, its predictive algorithms and machine learning will forecast issues before they arise, like the probabilities of turf diseases.

“Most fans don’t realize it, but a stadium’s turf is one of the facility’s most critical components to the athlete performance and game outcomes, given the size and athleticism of the players. With many linemen weighing more than 300 pounds, the playing field typically takes some hits with every game,” said Nick Fedewa, assistant sports field manager for SMG Jacksonville at TIAA Bank Field. “This MindSphere application will help us make sure the turf is as perfect as it can be for the game and recover faster moving onto the next one.”

“Technology has been one of the best-kept secret in professional sports, and we’ve seen the incredible impact it can have on a facility’s performance, the visitor experience, and for the players on the field,” said Dave Hopping, president of Siemens Smart Infrastructure, U.S. “The work being done by the Jacksonville Jaguars organization, SMG and TIAA Bank Field in partnership with Siemens is groundbreaking for the industry and truly brings the power of the Internet of Things right down to the field to take the player and fan experience to the next level.”

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