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Honeywell's new approach to engineering control systems

Jun 11, 2019

Honeywell has unveiled Experion PKS Highly Integrated Virtual Environment (HIVE), a fundamentally new approach to engineering and maintaining industrial control systems.

Experion PKS HIVE uses Honeywell’s LEAP project-execution principles, software and networking to unchain control applications from physical equipment, and controllers from physical IO, which enables control systems to be engineered and implemented in less time, at lower cost and risk, and with simpler, modular builds, according to Honeywell. They add that their solution also transforms the way control systems are maintained over their lifecycle, shifting day-to-day management of servers to a centralized data center, where experts and established protocols mitigate cybersecurity risk, allowing plant engineers to focus more proactively on optimization of their control systems.

“ARC market research shows that solutions like Honeywell Experion PKS HIVE address key issues for customers around project risk and ultimately project cost,” said Mark Sen Gupta, research director, ARC Advisory Group.  “A more fascinating aspect is the greater flexibility in control architecture design and implementation allowing for a more optimal use of physical and computing control system assets.”

Experion PKS HIVE incorporates three elements—IT HIVE, IO HIVE and Control HIVE—which can be used individually or collectively, in tandem with customers’ existing systems and infrastructure:

  • Experion PKS IT HIVE centralizes up to 80% of the IT infrastructure traditionally used in project engineering to lower project delivery and lifecycle costs, better leverage skills, and drive consistent physical and cybersecurity management across an enterprise, according to Honeywell.
  • Experion PKS IO HIVEprovides flexible IO and control distribution, enabling the control system to become a natural extension of process equipment and to facilitate modular and parallel-project execution.
  • Experion PKS Control HIVE applies control containers to provide flexibility and standardization of control hardware platform, control location, and control engineering. With multiple physically controllers operating as part of Experion PKS Control HIVE, control engineering is dramatically simplified through automated load-balancing, says Honewell. 

smart industry iot iiot industrial internet of things digital transformation“In developing Experion PKS HIVE, Honeywell worked closely with customers across the chemical, refining and oil and gas industries,” said Jason Urso, chief technology officer, Honeywell Process Solutions. “Many of these organizations want a more efficient approach to control system engineering, yet one that can be adopted incrementally and used interchangeably with their existing systems and infrastructure. Experion PKS HIVE provides these benefits and is truly a distributed control as it applies and geographically distributes technology to where it is needed.”

Experion PKS HIVE shifts IO to the field and makes it fully accessible to any controller, taking individual physical controllers and distributing the load so that they appear as a single controller to eliminate complexity. Says Honeywell, the solution, which can be ordered now, distributes IT compute from onsite to offsite providing a seamless operations experience.

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