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CLPA launches CC-Link IE TSN open industrial-networking solution

Mar 19, 2019

At various shows throughout 2019 the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) will present its latest CC-Link IE TSN open industrial-networking solution. One of the key focal areas will be Industry 4.0.

This data-driven approach to manufacturing can deliver substantial benefits by smart industry iot iiot industrial internet of things digital transformationempowering businesses to perform in-depth analytics, gain greater insight into their production lines, processes and machines, as well as predicting future outcomes for productivity, quality or equipment maintenance, according to CLPA. To succeed, strategies for managing big data and implementing the IIoT need a reliable communications network for efficient data transfer.

CLPA touts that CC-Link IE TSN addresses some of the most challenging aspects of data sharing. As the implementation of Industry 4.0 applications causes a continuous increase in both cyclic and transient network-traffic volumes, the next-generation solution from the CLPA combines Gigabit bandwidth with Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) IEE 802.1 standards. In this way, CC-Link IE TSN can offer real-time, deterministic transmission of time-critical process data along with less sensitive traffic such as TCP/IP data. Thanks to the use of TSN and Gigabit bandwidth, both traffic types can co-exist on the same network with no compromises.

More precisely, CC-Link IE TSN ensures seamless and efficient communications between different networks and systems, hence addressing the key Industry 4.0 need for the merger of IT and OT, according to CLPA.

“The CLPA has long been regarded as a technology leader in the field of open automation networks,” says Timothy Lomax, director of CLPA-Americas. “We were the first to bring open Gigabit Ethernet, CC-Link IE, to automation. This lead has been further increased by now adding TSN capabilities to CC-Link IE in the form of CC-link IE TSN. We encourage anyone who has questions about TSN and its role in delivering integration and industrial intelligence to contact the CLPA.”