More bacon than the pan can handle

There’s a new T-shirt slogan that says a lot about our current culture. It reads DATA IS THE NEW BACON.Darren Tessitore

And that's pretty accurate...we’re increasingly surrounded by data. Hot, sizzling data.

But within the industrial/manufacturing space, the volumes of data being produced can lead to paralyzing questions.

Which is the best data to analyze in order to boost efficiency?

Which data will enable me to increase productivity?

Which data is hiding all of the extra revenue in my factory?

Insights and advantages created by data are appealing, of course, but data can also cause DataBaconmajor problems (much like bacon). One of the largest is what we call “data lakes.” Picture taking all the data that is collected on a factory floor and pooling it in a huge lake. What do you do with all of this information? How do you determine which data is of value right now? 

It helps to reach out for help. We have found great benefit in bringing in an unbiased third party (with no hidden agendas) to study the factory. These experts should understand process improvement and Industry 4.0 / IIoT. They can look at the floor and say “If you make this change you can gather the EXACT data that you need.”  

Sound easy? It should be. The key is to keep it simple—start with one piece of data that will provide an actionable insight and yield a quick return. And once the correct data is being collected, it is critical that the insights are delivered to the right decision-makers.   

Bacon is better when it’s shared.

Darren Tessitore is COO & Co-Founder of Industrial Intelligence