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Publisher's Note: Carpé Mañana!

The promise and opportunities that the future offers are astounding. Truly unprecedented. But we deliberately have to manage toward mañana.

Tomorrow comes at us with ever-increasing speed. We need to engage it —today. Seize its opportunities—now. Start shaping its possibilities —in this very moment. And our approach must be very different from behaviors we’ve relied on in the past. The promise andTony headshot
opportunities that the future offers are astounding. Truly unprecedented. But we deliberately have to manage toward mañana.

Price Pritchett wrote this in his book, Carpé Mañana, published in the year 2000. His call to action, seize tomorrow before tomorrow seizes you, seems to have been heard loud and clear by digital innovators of that time period. I could take most of this column to list only a tiny percentage of the advances, innovation, and development fueled by the Internet since the year 2000. The impact is massive, and the enterprise value and contribution to our personal and professional lives cannot be overstated.

The people behind that work were not defenders of the status quo. They (as Dr. Pritchett advised) deliberately managed toward tomorrow, and are responsible for tremendous innovation, utility and value creation.

At GE’s annual Minds + Machines conference in San Francisco, chief executive Jeff Immelt said, “We believe the Industrial Internet could be twice the size of the consumer Internet.”

What an exciting (and unsettling) time to be involved in industrial organizations. If Mr. Immelt’s prediction is only partially right, the next 10 years will bring incredible changes to the industrial landscape we operate in today. Companies must seize the opportunity now, and those that wait will certainly be at a disadvantage.

Searching for and identifying opportunities and pilot applications is the first step in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) innovation process.

In May 2015, Smart Industry published findings from our first IIoT State of Initiative Survey. At that time, nearly half (46%) of our respondents told us they were just starting to learn about the opportunities presented by the IIoT. 32% of our respondents stated that they were identifying early applications to pilot. 22% reported they had identified applications and had investments to match. Clearly, industrial companies are re-thinking priorities and shifting emphasis as Industrial IoT learning accelerates. Our 2016 survey is currently in the field, and we expect to have results and analysis prepared in early July. I’d be happy to add you to our distribution list. Just send your contact information to me at

In September, (26-28 at the Drake Hotel in Chicago), we will once again gather an influential group of IIoT initiative takers at Smart Industry 2016. Keith Larson, our editor-in-chief
and VP content, has assembled an impressive list of early adopter practitioners, opinion leaders and technology providers to help guide your innovation process. We’ll have
more than 50 speakers across industry that include:
• Chief cyber security architect for world’s largest chipmaker;
• The guy who wrote the book (literally) on Putting Disruptive Innovation to Work;
• CEO of Forbes’ hottest tech start-up of 2015;
• VP global automation for 100 manufacturing sites across 30 countries; and,
• Chief digital office for world’s largest industrial automation company.

Registration is now open and discounted conference passes are available through July 31. Visit us at to learn more.

Carpé Mañana!

                                                                           Tony D'Avino, Smart Industry Publisher


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